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Fee Schedule

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Effective: November 1, 2019

Fee schedule
Service Amount
Account activity print out $2.00/page
Account closed within 90 days $25.00
Account research time $25.00/hour
Account statement (special handling) $5.00
Bag (locked) $20.00
Bag (vinyl) $5.00
BillPay (if not used in statement cycle) $5.95
Cashier’s check $3.00
Debit card replacement $15.00
Debit card stop payment $30.00
Deposited item returned $10.00
Early account closure (Holiday Club) $25.00
Foreign item processing $10.00
Money order $3.00
Overdraft* $30.00
Overdraft protection transfer $10.00
Overdraft protection line of credit (annually) $20.00
Return item* $30.00
Return mail $3.00
Safe deposit box: drill box $150.00
Safe deposit box: lost key $20.00
Safe deposit boxes: rent annual fee determined by size
Stop payment for check or ACH $30.00
Telephone transfer $2.00/call
Temporary checks (maximum 12) $5.00
Termination of IRA Plan $25.00
Wire transfers: incoming $15.00
Wire transfers: outgoing (international) $50.00
Wire transfers: outgoing (U.S.) $25.00

*Overdraft / Return item fees may be imposed for for overdrafts / returned items created by checks, in-person withdrawals, or other withdrawals by electronic means.

The fee schedule is not inclusive of all services provided at American Bank. Fees for other services will be disclosed in agreements we enter into for those services. Fees are subject to change. For questions, call a customer service representative at 920-885-2700.

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