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Fee Schedule

Quick Reference

Effective: November 17, 2022

Fee schedule
Service Amount
Account activity print out $2.00/page
Account closed within 90 days $25.00

Account research time

Account paper statement fee $3.00/month
Account statement (special handling) $5.00
Bag (locked) $20.00
Bag (vinyl) $5.00
BillPay (if not used in statement cycle) $5.95
Cashier’s check $3.00
Debit card replacement $15.00
Debit card stop payment $30.00
Early account closure (Holiday Club) $25.00
Foreign Currency Order/Exchange $20.00
Foreign item processing $10.00
Money order $3.00
Overdraft* $30.00
Overdraft protection transfer $10.00
Overdraft protection line of credit (annually) $20.00
Return item* $30.00
Return mail $3.00
Safe deposit box: drill box Call for current price
Safe deposit box: lost key $20.00
Safe deposit boxes: rent annual fee determined by size
Stop payment for check or ACH $30.00
Telephone transfer $2.00/call
Temporary checks (maximum 12) $5.00
Termination of IRA Plan $25.00
Wire transfers: incoming $15.00
Wire transfers: outgoing (international) $50.00
Wire transfers: outgoing (U.S.) $25.00
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