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About Us

Serving Beaver Dam & Necedah

American Bank is committed to providing innovative services and technology for our customers. As a premier community bank, we’ve been a fixture of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin for well over a century. Not only have we watched the region grow, but we’ve been instrumental in that growth.

Look to American Bank for high-quality, personal service with an emphasis on convenience!

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Our Mission

To inspire and empower the people we touch.

Our Community

Charitable Giving

Each year, American Bank receives numerous worthwhile donation, sponsorship and support requests. In order to maximize impact on our communities through our corporate philanthropy, American Bank gives priority to organizations or programs that align closely with our Charitable Giving Focus.

To request a donation from American Bank, please fill out a Donation Request Form. 

For 2021, American Bank’s employees have chosen to partner with Badger Honor Flight, Green Valley Enterprises, Church Health Services, Dodge County Toy Bank, Beaver Dam and Necedah School Districts, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and many other deserving organizations. 

Dodge County Teacher of the Month

The Dodge County Teacher of the Month program, founded by American Bank and the Heffron Family Foundation, recognizes two teachers in Dodge County each month for their exceptional teaching efforts. Recipients of the award are recognized in their school and districts and receive a $200 check to put towards their classroom or supplies. 

We understand how teachers' efforts often go unnoticed nowadays and we feel the importance in recognizing their selflessness. Dodge County has a plethora of talent in their education systems and we want to show them how much they are appreciated in our communities. 

If you know a teacher who goes above and beyond for their students, inside and outside the classroom, you can nominate them for the Dodge County Teacher of the Month award. Nominations should be in a short essay form and include why the teacher should be recognized, how they go above and beyond for their students, extracurricular activities they are involved in, how they make a difference in their community, etc. Nominations can be submitted to & All nominations are reviewed at the end of each month and a recipient is chosen for the next month. 

Our History

We have experienced many technology advancements, building expansions, and additions and changes in personnel over the years. But one thing remains unchanged: all decisions at American Bank are made with the needs of the local community in mind. With friendly and knowledgeable staff members at offices and “Personal Banker” lending services for mortgage services, personal loans and business loans, we proudly continue to serve you, our valued customers!

June 30, 1891

The German National Bank was organized and opened for business at 115 Front St. in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin. The bank opened its doors with $50,000.00 in capital and two employees. Deposits of $24,500.00 were received in the first day of business.

Nov. 26, 1912

The name of the bank changed from The German National Bank to The American National Bank of Beaver Dam.


Due to the growth of the community, the bank prospered and was remodeled in order to provide customers with more convenient banking services. At this time, a new vault with safety deposit boxes was added to the lower floor of the building in order to expand the counter and teller facilities on the main floor. Four teller windows were also added, making a total of seven.


During the celebration of Beaver Dam’s centennial, The American National Bank began its 50th year of service to the community. At that time, the bank’s capital and surplus had grown to $175,000.00, reflecting the conservative policies of management. Five employees and five officers were required to handle deposits of over $2 million. At that time, the bank ranked as the largest in Dodge County.


The bank again found that larger facilities were needed in order to handle the increased business. The customer service area was doubled in size during the renovation, the exterior of the bank facing Front Street was renovated, and a drive-up and walk-up banking unit were added at the rear of the building.


A completely new concept in banking convenience was announced with the installation of TV Auto Banking. This was the first TV drive-in banking unit in the Beaver Dam area and was well received by the bank’s many customers.


As the community grew, The American National Bank continued to extend convenience and customer service, and it was determined that a major construction and rebuilding must be made. Construction began in February 1967. The bank, as seen today, was constructed in two phases so that business could be conducted without interruption. Completion of the construction was celebrated with a ribbon cutting ceremony and open house on Oct. 25, 1968.

March 1990

Beaver Dam continued to grow, and so did The American National Bank. In October 1989, the bank broke ground on a new 2,500 square-foot branch on the northside of Beaver Dam. The American National Bank’s Northside Branch opened in March 1990 with the first drive-up ATM machine in Beaver Dam, along with three drive-through lanes and full-service banking inside.


The development of our new branch in the Walmart Supercenter was completed, and we welcomed our third Beaver Dam office. We offer full-service banking at this location, including an ATM machine.


Our Columbus Lending Office opened.

April, 2018

To help the bank better align itself with its commitment to remain an independent, locally owned community bank, in the fall of 2017, The American National Bank filed to become a state-chartered bank rather than the nationally chartered institution it had been for more than 125 years. That filing was approved by the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions in the spring of 2018, and on April 3, 2018, The American National Bank became American Bank.  (All this means is that we are now able to better serve the needs of our local community by being regulated by our state examiners, rather than a national agency.)

Aug. 27, 2018

American Bank merged with its sister bank, The Necedah Bank. Although the two banks had been owned by the same holding company since 2003, they operated as separate entities until late summer of 2018. The two banks shared many of the same processes and procedures, so becoming a single entity made good business sense.  The merger put The Necedah Bank in a stronger position to better serve consumer and business customers — with a much broader range of services and new technology and tools — while maintaining its strong commitment to the community.

Sept. 25, 2018

American Bank officially opened “American Bank Square” behind its office on Front Street in downtown Beaver Dam. The square was designed so that it would be welcoming and a green space that everyone would be proud to use — not just bank employees. The bank wanted to show their commitment to the improvement of the Downtown District as well as be more environmentally friendly citizens of the city. American Bank’s project visionary, Donna Oathout, worked with Landscape Architect Matt Wieneke to make this square what it is today! Also worth noting is that all materials Wieneke used — from the large stones to the pergola to the masonry work — was locally sourced, originating from local companies and the local workforce.

October 3, 2018

American Bank officially became a Blue Zones Approved Worksite. Working with representatives from Blue Zones Project in Dodge County, American Bank was proud to achieve this accomplishment and show its continued commitment to the health and wellbeing of its employees.


American Bank has experienced more than one and a quarter century of growth, and through it all, we remain the same independent, locally owned community bank.

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