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COVID-19: Keep yourself protected from scams

Protecting your data and finances during the COVID-19 pandemic

At American Bank we are committed to helping you protect your finances and personal information during this unprecedented time.  In an effort to keep you updated, we will post links to known scams from our trusted sources on this page - be sure to check back regularly for updates as this situation continues to evolve.

Some general safety tips to remember when it comes to your financial information:

  • American Bank will NEVER call you and ask you for your account number or personal information - we already know that information about you; don't give out any personal information to someone who calls and asks for it, especially if you did not initiate contact.
  • Don't always believe your caller ID; phone numbers are easily spoofed (look as though they are coming from a legit phone number, such as the bank) by bad actors to gain access to your personal information.
  • If you are unsure someone calling you is legit, tell the caller you will hang up and call them back at a number you have for them - either from a statement or correspondence you had with them in the past or from a public website.  Most likely if it is a scam, the caller will try to dissuade you from do it or hang up on you.
  • If you are being pressured to 'act now' or the person contacting is you putting a time limit on the request, do not react.  Rather, take some extra time to research the request they are asking you to respond to.
  • Even if you know the sender of an email, don’t assume it is safe. If you’re not sure, call your contact to verify the legitimacy of the email before clicking on links or opening attachments.
  • If you have the option to set up double authentication on log-ins, do so.
  • Always remember, if something sounds too good to be true it probably is.

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Resources from our friends at Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)

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Resources from the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

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